This morning trump Collapse Signs are legion. They seem to drop to earth like ripened plums. "Dictator in dark glasses" is the meme. Failing Trumpcare numbers is the truth. Making up achievements is pathetic. Axios provides each sign below.

Roundhouse attack is noted with tough talk

Sometimes we let things sit minus a comment. I saw this yesterday and shrugged a bit. But now I see I should have taken notice.

This is an inside verdict on Trump's tweets.

It suggests movement toward dictatorship. This is reporting meant to resonate. This is not normal, Axios suggests. The bottom line suggestion is quite grim. Trump could avoid the media completely.

Collapse in context goes two ways

One way assumes Trump still has a future. His falling numbers have not sunk him yet. He can continue with his crazy acts. The future just will not be what you think. The other way he sees the tumbrels come. He's fighting for his life as he knows how. All who oppose will feel his lash of bile.

You do not want the first scenario

If Trump has winning traction as we speak, how can dictatorial methods work? We are touching the hard center of the deep state. Its inclinations don't depend on right and wrong.

Trump may be just the test they aim to pass. And we remain unable to respond.

Trump voters shed a tiny bit of hope

A little move but still encouraging. These numbers suggest that the bill is doomed.

Anyone else and they might spell defeat. But we have a man with mirror glasses. The world he dreams of is one he controls.

"False, phony things are merely challenges. They don't exist. They're not reality." Thus muses Trump, our real president.

The third sign is the weirdest one of all

If you are in Trump's base, you're fed by lies.

They are the product of the Trump machine. Each little sign that comes suggests the scope. It now includes both Mattis and Haley; There was a vague notion of an attack, a Syrian attack with chemicals. Trump tweeted a bellicose warning. There was no attack. Bingo.

If it's remotely possible, claim credit

I want to know. Were Mattis and Haley instructed to conclude that, godlike, Trump had prevented the vaguely predicted attack from occurring? This is on a par with a cabinet meeting in which Reince Priebus engaged in idolatrous genuflection so outlandish it was embarrassing. This would be like Trump claiming he had saved the world from imminent disaster every time a true sign of global warming fails to destroy.

Three signs do not bring down the man but as Charles Sanders Peirce said all thought is in signs.