In January of 2009, Mitch McConnell prepared for his moment of shame. He embraced with no protest a racism that has prevailed in our politics since then. It prevailed before, but we had hoped with the election of Barack Obama to turn a corner. We learned, thanks to obdurate racists like Mitch, that the illness runs deeper than we knew. To abolish it we need laws we do not have yet.

We need a mentality that is not dominant yet. We will get there, but not without some tough battles with men like Mitch McConnell.

The true story of Mitch

This is not a master tactician.

This is an obedient pawn who follows the instructions of the true Deep State. You can learn about that below. The true story is that the country continues to elect men like McConnell to high office. Kentucky is a poor state where coal was king but is dead now, despite Trump dog whistles. Mitch serves the wealthy. He gives them what they ask for. The wealthy have no interest in the people of Kentucky.

More than he deserves

The notion that Mitch is a master technician is built on a foundation of racism and disdain for the spirit and purpose of the US Constitution. In fairness, it should be said that this judgment can be applied to the entire Congressional GOP which has followed the master techniques of the late Richard Nixon and the late Roger Ailes.

When one dies another pops up to take his place. The word "he" is used advisedly.

The Real Deep State

If you have not done so you need to learn the truth of what our Deep State really is. It is not a figment of the right-wing imagination. It is the post 9/11 creation of a loose but real association of persons on Wall Street, in the military, in the intelligence community, and in the treasury department.

Here is the basic instruction needed to grasp this.

Mitch's health care fiasco

Mitch, you really don't want credit for authoring what you call a better care bill, do you? Come, come, come. This bill bumps 22 million off the insurance rolls including a mess of Trump voters in Kentucky who will be left to die on your watch.

What price will you pay? I know. The $8 billion you want to take from the Obama health program to effectively destroy Medicaid and enable the five percent to have their truffles and Maseratis undisturbed. Do your job, Mitch.


Sorry, Mitch. Do you really want credit for a bill that is widely agreed will make people sick again? That is a distinction no one wants on their legacy But apparently, you believe you will do better by delay. You will coast merrily along fomenting Trumpmageddon like a true soldier of the five percent and agent of the unconstitutional Deep State. It is a genuine bummer to have you as the face of governance in this sorry time in which we live.