How rare is it to stumble on three stories at once that seem encouraging. To me, it qualifies as an event. Not exactly aha, but a reminder that we are not entirely lost. I will admit that I am happy when trump is faced with a check on his puerile and harmful antics. I am equally happy whenever there is a clear sign of global democratic revolution, whether on the streets of Manhattan or in Russia. The three embeds below are my way of sharing the Good News.

Trump appeal goes down in flames

This was an Appeals Court in the 9th District located in San Francisco.

There were three judges and they all agreed. Trump exceeded his statutory authority.

Final hurdle

You know where this is going. Will SCOTUS dare to hear it? Will Gorsuch dare to be a deciding vote to uphold what everyone agrees is a dictatorial, intolerant and evil action? Will Trump last long enough to find out? Meanwhile in Donald's favorite oligarchy.

Biggest anti-Putin demonstration ever

It has been one of my major arguments justifying my overall optimism about us -- all of us everywhere. We are not at bottom a bunch of compliant wimps who mechanically respond to all of the forces that Chris Hedges and others cite as our conquerors. Neoliberalism is terrible but we can overcome it and will.

Check this out.

This is part of what I call a silent revolution. It is a global democratic revolution and the silence part means we do not have to say what we want. It's obvious. It's the big universal values -- truth and beauty, justice, freedom, and love.

These are things dictators hate. We do not need to say anything, just walk along more and more of us everywhere.

After imbibing the fresh air from Russia, turn to this little gem that may evoke a few Trump tweets.

If you think Trump has shed his businesses think again.

As we speak he can draw income if he wishes from enterprises as far away as China where he licenses his very name for all manner of things for all manner of payments. This is part of the Trump presidency that bears constant examination.

Now we note that a court will finally consider whether he deserves to be called onto the carpet as a presidential profiteer.

Pass it on

The prospects opened up by these three stories are not about making America great again. They are about restoring the world to a sane concentration on a future that is challenging enough without having dictators around trying to make life unfree. Trump is a brake on progress. We need to pass on any news that is encouraging in the face of his daily assault on is.