The worst allegations in the Steele report which helped launch the current Trump-Russia investigations appear to be forbidden territory, not the subject of investigation. So it is appropriate that any treatment of them be categorized as opinion. It is equally appropriate to speculate on the following question: does Russia have something on Trump that is sufficiently a bombshell that it has been in effect the invisible protagonist of this seemingly unending drama?


A protagonist drives action. You could see Trump as a protagonist. But if knowledge of Trump and Russia would sink Trump overnight, the protagonist is knowledge itself.

The reason this seems credible as a premise is that the presence of this bomb in an otherwise prosaic report, created by one Christopher Steele, is so outlandish it just might have a foundation.

The why

The seismic report which I shall not repeat in any detail can be accessed via the link below. Maybe Steele needed something huge to cap a lukewarm series of revelations. But knowing Trump, something like what Steele describes is not beyond possibility. The account could reflect enough truth to be blackmail fodder. That would make Trump beholden to his Russian masters.

Credible inference?

Were Sherlock Holmes on this case, might he find this a fruitful avenue to follow? The details of the Steele allegation would simply need some credibility to become, for Trump, a formidable albatross around his neck.

It could explain multiple instances when apparent Russian objectives have been almost routinely accepted by Trump and his circle. Also, if there is any credible subtext that applies to Donald Trump. his acting out hatred for Barack Obama which is the center of the Steele allegation would be quite logical.

Avoiding the issue

Everything that can be deduced from the public Comey hearing yesterday suggests that this widely known bombshell was assiduously avoided by the FBI.

Certainly, it was Comey's desire to assure Trump that the Steele dirt was not under the FBI radar. Trump appeared home free and tweeted as much. On a spectrum of "mild" to "beyond consideration", the Steele climax which situates Trump in Moscow in an alleged frenzy of misogynistic and racist hate is "beyond".

Special Counsel

But if I am Bob Mueller and my job is to leave no stone unturned in finding a credible reason for why President Donald J. Trump makes nice to Russia, Steele's fantastic account seem to me a more-than-obvious line of inquiry.