Donald Trump is on the verge of completing his fifth month as the President of the Unites States. According to an NBC tracker, this is the President's 30th day playing golf and his 43rd day visiting a Trump-owned property. This indicates that the POTUS has spent an entire month golfing and a month and a half away from the Oval Office. Add to this his constant tweeting. Should Americans be concerned? With all this leisure time on his hands, when is he being presidential?

The current president was judgmental of his predecessor

Donald Trump was very critical of his predecessor Barack Obama.

Trump even said that if he were president he would spend all his time working and would not play golf as much as Obama did. As of this date, that has been a lie. Trackers indicate that President Donald Trump has had far more golf time than President Obama did in the same tie frame. So between golfing and tweeting, how much time does the President of the United States actually spend doing his presidential duties?

Donald Trump does not seem to care when he is caught in a lie. He just moves forward by telling another one. In his attempt to make his predecessor look bad, our current commander-in-chief is only showing Americans the worst of himself.

Americans want a leader who is presidential

On June 7, Politico released results of a survey where close to two out of three Americans polled wanted Donald Trump to stop tweeting so much.

U.S.citizens are becoming fed up with the President's obsessive use of Twitter. And 53% of Republicans who were surveyed agreed it's time for the President of the United States to show himself to be more presidential. Donald Trump needs to limit his time on Twitter, the golf course, and Trump-owned properties. About 1,999 voters were surveyed and there is a 1-2% margin of error.

This survey indicates that Americans want a change.

In 2015, Donald Trump said that President Obama played more golf than Tiger Woods. Now only 5 months into his presidency, many would probably say that President Trump is giving both men a run for their money. Recently Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, and Stephen Colbert all have roasted President Donald Trump on their late night talk shows because of his excessive trips to the golf course. It is time Donald Trump focuses on the job he was elected to do and prove to the American people that he can be the President that he promised to be during the election campaign.