Things are heating up around Donald Trump, but he does not seem aware of the seriousness of it at all. In an interview on Friday with MSNBC Representative, Ted Lieu made a stunning announcement. He said that if the president fires special counsel Robert Meuller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that Congress may begin proceedings for impeachment. Our POTUS does not seem to understand that the Oval Office is not 'The Apprentice." He cannot just fire people on a whim.

The President does not understand how government works

It is evident that President Trump has no idea how American government works.

He continues to do things that have consequences, and he does not seem to care. Having a secret meeting with the Russian envoys, firing Michael Flynn and James Comey along asking Comey to stop the investigation are but a few of the bad decisions the POTUS has made. His lack of political experienced and not listening to wise counsel from those who have long-term experience on Capitol Hill are causing problems. Now he believes he can solve his issues by firing Meuller and Rosenstein.

Americans believed the POTUS would be more presidential after he spoke to the widow of slain Navy Sea; William Owens and when he addressed the shooting at the Congressional Baseball Field. Ans immediately the President went right back to disrespecting people on Twitter.

It's as if Donald Trump has no comprehension of how close to impeachment he is. And he seems to have no discretion to differentiate between right and wrong.

Representative Lieu and Congress are watching closely

Donald Trump does not appear to be taking these matters seriously. He dismisses everything as lies, fake news, and a witch hunt.

It would seem that someone in his cabinet could reel him in, but it has not happened yet. Never have we had a president who is so unqualified and so unwilling to listen to wise counsel and sound advice. Representative Ted Lieu and Congress are watching closely. If the POTUS does not make some fast changes, he will be committing political suicide.

Survey after survey continues to show that the president's approval rating is decreasing rapidly and still he will not change. He promised during the campaign that he would make America great again, but in four short months intolerance, hate, racism, and now a shooting have taken place. All are connected to the president. His supporters say that those who oppose Donald Trump should give him a chance. The time for him to prove himself is growing shorter and Impeachment and removal from office are in the air.