Comedian D.L. Hughley is coming under fire for defending Kathy Griffin is just another incident where The Trump Effect wrecking havoc in the nation. A great divide took hold of this nation during 2016 presidential campaign. It has only grown since Donald Trump was elected as commander in chief. Hughley and Griffin are but 2 of many cogs in the wheel of the chaos that grows daily in this nation.

The Trump Effect

In a nutshell, The Trump Effect is simply the increased anger, frustration, racism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia that have increased since Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for president in 2016.

Many believe The Trump Effect gained momentum during the campaign and has increased since The Donald has been in office. D.L. Hughley and Kathy Griffin are but two of the latest Individuals to become involved in this ongoing drama that surrounds our 45th president.

Griffin was photographed with a severed doll head that resembled Donal Trump. It was covered in fake blood and looked pretty grotesque. Trump supporters immediately decried Griffin's actions. Anderson Cooper, her New Year's Eve co-host, spoke against it and CNN fired Griffin. D.L. Hughley is coming to her defense and making a valid point. He points out that Kathy Griffin lost her job, but Ted Nugent was rewarded for something similar.

Nugent said the Obama administration should be beheaded. After Donald Trump won the election he invited Ted to the White House. And the president claimed the rocker was only speaking metaphorically. Now that Kathy Griffin has turned the tables Donald Trump wants to cry foul. Rather than settle down and be more presidential number 45 keeps the drama coming and The Trump Effect going strong.

Hughley's defense of Griffin may come at a cost for him

Kathy Griffin's actions were pretty extreme, and cost her the New Year's Eve co-host position on CNN. D.L. Hugley had every right to defend her.This could, however, come back on Hughley in a way that Griffin will not be affected. Many Americans are calling for Donald Trump to be impeached.

Not all of them are responded to in the same way. African Americans Congressman Al Green received phone messages where he was called the N-word and threatened with hanging if he did not stop pushing for the president to be impeached.

Hughley a black male may be in danger from racists because he stood up for Griffin.If targeted because of his race and gender this would be The Trump Effect yet again causing problems. Many believe the only way for things to simmer down would be for Donald Trump to no longer retain the office of president. This means the nation should brace for aditional drama until 20/20 unless of course the president is impeached.