President Donald Trump has expressed unhappiness with his with his Justice Department that has diluted the executive order on immigration which he insists is a travel ban and will always remain as such. The Justice Department has submitted a "watered down, politically correct version" to the Supreme Court. He says that the ban did not target any specific group or community and its purpose was to impose temporary restriction on travel to the US from a number of Muslim-majority countries.

When he was a candidate for the President, he had demanded a total and complete shutdown of Muslim immigration to the United States.

However, his Justice Department lawyers have avoided labeling it as a "travel ban" in court and have coined alternative words to describe the sensitive issue.

The confusion

CNN reports that in the opinion of Donald Trump, the travel ban was necessary and even if others do not agree to his point of view, the fact remains that it is nothing short of a travel ban. He goes on to add that the Justice Dept. should not have watered it down and submitted a politically correct version to the Supreme Court. He reiterated that the intention of the ban was to vet the people who will be entering the United States.

The confusion is evident. The Justice Department should have been tuned to the same frequency of the President which does not appear to have been done.

While his lawyers try to justify it by saying it wasn't a travel ban, but an act of extreme vetting, the President has made it quite clear that it is a travel ban.

The concept appears to be hazy

It may be recalled that in January, White House press secretary Sean Spicer had clarified that President Donald Trump had said that it was not a ban on Muslims or a travel ban, but a system to vet incoming people and ensure safety for all Americans.

Subsequently, Donald Trump had referred to it as travel ban on a number of occasions on Twitter while the administration had kept on insisting that the executive order was not a "travel ban."

Following the terror attack on London Bridge, he has yet again brought up the subject and is keen to see its implementation because he has the interest of his countrymen at heart.

He wants to give the country a foolproof security system where people with evil intentions are not able to gain entry into the United States.

The basic purpose to impose the travel ban was to check illegal immigration from some specific countries in the Middle East. This was because these countries are usually linked to terror related activities and in order to check terrorism, it is desirable to nip such threats in the bud. Hence, an embargo on their movements would help to curb the menace of terrorism. However, it faced legal hurdles and the matter is now in Court.