Donna Tartt is an American fiction writer and over the past few years, her novels have been rising in popularity. She studied at the University of Mississippi where her literary talent later brought her the opportunity to study as a writer in residence. She spent years bringing her novels "The Secret History", "The Little Friend" and "The Goldfinch" to life before releasing them to the public

Tartt delivers dark, spell binding and truly immersive fiction

The works of Donna Tartt can be unsettling at times as she draws her readers into the dark worlds she has created.

She spins fiction with reality and creates a space in-between trapping her audience in her words. The likes of "The Secret History" and "The Goldfinch" follow the consequences of disastrous events such as murder and terrorism. The author does not stray from the hard-hitting subjects and instead manages to explore them in a strangely calming manner. This technique is why readers have come to love Tartt and have become obsessed with her works of fiction.

Tartt uses many literary techniques, which draw the audience into her stories. She lets the reader in on the secret, for example, in "The Secret History" she delivers the news of the murder in the prolog before the reader has been introduced to any of the characters.

This creates an immediate connection with the novel as the reader now contains the knowledge the protagonist is yet to discover. This technique, in particular, brings an intimacy to the readers' experience.

Further techniques Tartt utilizes are quotations, the exploration of humanism through the eyes of the narrator, strong character development and much, much more.

The success of Donna Tartt and her works of fiction

Donna Tartt is no ordinary author. When she was only 13-years-old she having her poetry published in literary journals and winning literary competitions left, right and center. This work ethic she developed as a teenager has continued into her adult life. The proof of this is in the time and effort she put into her novels, spending nearly up to a decade on each.

The popularity of her novels is as a direct result of her tireless efforts to create new worlds to explore.

Tartt has won many awards for her works including the WH Smith Literary Award in 2003, the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2014 and the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction in 2014. With "The Goldfinch" being her latest work of fiction released in 2013 there is a possibility that Tartt could have another novel in the works.

Tartt is a must read author for those who love literature. Her work is well seemed and thoughtful and contains elements of fiction not commonly used in today's literature. One can only hope there will be another novel for book lovers' shelves over the next few years.