The New York Times has been imploring President Trump to say nice things about the Paris environmental agreement. The attempt to force the former reality TV star to do what, in his present role, he plainly does not believe in is almost pathetic. What is needed is an approach that does not prevaricate, that cuts to the chase. That is why I wish to provide an object lesson in how we can be done with climate change idiocy.

Gabbard on Twitter

Tulsi Gabbard has a Twitter account of the reasonable size, and she follows the sensible rule of tweeting only when it makes sense.

She does not do look-at-me tweetstorms. She does a few at a time and when she does the messages are apposite. That means they are right. They are true. They will stand up to argument even among climate deniers.

Trump is helped by the NY Times

The effort to convince Trump to love Paris again gives the president the option of blaming the Times for lying about the great importance of this event. Trump can truthfully say that Paris is not enough. That it is the absolute minimum standard for fixing what ails us.

Trump can reject Paris on the grounds that it is an Obama half measure. We know perfectly well that this is unfair and idiotic. But it will fly because it is half true. And half-truths are what the President depends on as he savages the environment in the real world.

The Plea

Here is the latest in the NY Times unbroken marathon to convince Trump to change his mind and go with the Paris accord. This is of course what he should do, and he may do it, but no one in their right mind will believe he has rejected his base or his beliefs. The ball is in his court. Tulsi does not play that way and that is why she could be just the leader to beard the Donald in his dismal den.

Tweets that speak

All politics is local. That's not true, but it should be the case. Tulsi knows real local is universal and that is the only way to defeat binary people like Trump.

Look at this carefully.

She shows the epic tides. There can be no argument. She does not say if we are good all will be well. She allows us to infer that this is just the beginning of a coastal catastrophe that is already engulfing the planet. It's a call to action.

The coup de grace

I love Paris and the language of France. Coup De Grace means skillful or graceful cut. The tweet below is a concise way to drive home the real world, right into the heart of Trump's big lie world and the NY Times' refusal to take him on with similar verve.

The choice of words is flawless. We have a leader in waiting. It is a wake-up call. That is encouraging.