rotten tomatoes is a trusted review website for TV and movies. It is used to rate movies on their "freshness" using their Tomatometer. The ratings range from bad (rotten) to medium (fresh) to great (certified fresh) but the accuracy of this rating system has to be brought into question as Rotten Tomatoes is a community-based site with enough opinions to fuel the next World War.

Are community-based reviews accurate reviews?

Is it fair for RottenTomatoes to allow simply anyone to sign up and leave a review on a movie? There is no doubt that there will be a lot more "rotten" reviews than there will be "certified fresh".

The system of Rotten Tomatoes allows the public to rate movies and this is certainly an innovative and engaging idea. However, it undoubtedly skews TV and movie ratings with personal bias. The presence of negative reviews is more striking on the site than the positive reviews. The negative reviews are accompanied by an icon resembling the leaves on top of a tomato and are often accompanied by a paragraph of criticism. When compared with the short and snappy positive reviews it leaves a bitter sense of the TV or movie spoiling unbiased thoughts with negative features of the film.

Recent Rotten Tomatoes movies reviews.

The summer time always brings the release of numerous movies. This summer has seen the release of "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

2", "Baywatch" and "The Boss Baby" to name a few. All of these movies have been rated by Rotten Tomatoes with the tomatometer. The poorest of which is "Baywatch", coming in at a shocking 18 percent. This hardly seems correct for a much-anticipated shout out to the original TV series of 1981. This begs the question, are Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews accurate?

With "Guardians" receiving a rating of 81 percent being "certified fresh" this massive difference in ratings suggests that big budget Marvel movies are deemed more watchable simply because they are part of a wider franchise. Looking at humorous animation "The Boss Baby" with a rating of 52 percent affirms this theory as the reviews state how enjoyable a movie it is yet the rating caps out at just over 50 percent.

Rotten Tomatoes will undoubtedly continue to be used by TV and movie lovers alike. One can only hope that the engagement with the site becomes more even in terms of its positive and negative commentary. This biased, personal rating system unknowingly shapes the public's taste for TV and movies. While Rotten Tomatoes is an enjoyable platform it is important to keep one's own opinions in mind too.