Do you want to talk late bloomer? She gives us all hope. She is J. K. Rowling and she did not write her phenomenal Harry Potter series in the bloom of youth. Now just when the power of words is paramount, she emerges as a consummate Trump-slayer. I am all envy.

Of course, writing that series gives you some cred in the wider world. I think the tweet I post below would have succeeded even from a non-celeb. Read and see.

Rowling's perfect words

Trump had tweeted the following:

Rowling wins the retweets

Rowling's response won the retweets sweeps by more than double.

Trump has bots to help him. I doubt Rowling even knows what a bot is. "Alarmist blowhard" is one of those phrases that was probably spontaneous. But it manages, like certain snapshots, to summarize Trump exactly.

Pompous too

Alarmism has been Trump's MO from the start. Blowhard is beautiful. I have rarely seen such an economical putdown.

A few other tweets

While perusing lists, I found more tweets that are salient.

Louise Mensch has been dutifully telling us what was to come. She is not shy in speech but she lacks the celebrity needed to have the impact she would like. She has been flagging the Russia matter forever.

The following tweet will remind us all that Mr. Comey will once again transfix the country.

That will be this coming Thursday. He will tell the country if Trump is a liar. We already know he is. In this case, however, lies could lead to more than a crisis. Perhaps an exodus?

Yes, we had an inkling thanks to Louise and others who have been tenacious reporters of details many ignored.

This is in response to the following tweet from the president.

Trump reflexively projects his own failings onto Obama.

It is like clockwork. The response to this was a bit seismic, Witness.

One more

To be fair

I have selected tweets without publishing a Fair And Balanced selection. Unfortunately, this is not going to be resolved in a fair and balanced way. All sides are dug in and all scraps of support are seized, It is a fight to a finish. And I have little doubt that this is probably why Trump won the election in the first place. We did not have sane governance when he came in. And we will not have it when he leaves.

Citizens United must go

It will take getting the money out. It will take getting Congress functional. It will take a reduction of presidential powers. It will end electoral abuses and an unfairly gerrymandered Congress. It will take reducing the share of the one percent. It will take people changing their minds.

Think long term to get it done. It will not come overnight.