Kathy Griffin is a sandwich board for abandoning the Democratic Party, especially for white liberals tiring of adhering to extreme political correctness. The former comedian’s recent appearance holding a bloody replica of Pres. Donald trump’s head reminded millions of Americans of all stripes that celebrity Democrats mindlessly project their own hatred and hypocrisy on the national scene without fear of retribution.

Griffin's insensitivity common among celebrity elitists

When the D-grade comic emulated the ISIS decapitation of a sitting US president, she struck a nerve in America that she wasn’t even aware existed.

Griffin’s grotesque display was seen by many on both sides of the political aisle is a death wish reminiscent of an ISIS executioner. No doubt she thought such an ISIS-inspired display would further her career. Unfortunately for extremely for out of touch Griffin, the sheer inhumanity of her vulgar, hateful act was indefensible, even by liberal media standards. America is at war with ISIS, but she patronized them as surely as Jane Fonda sitting on a Vietcong anti-aircraft gun during the Vietnam War. Her cruel gesture to America surely neutralized the potential effectiveness of any political activism she stages in the future.

Squatty Potty wipes off Griffin

One only has to review the consequences to see just how out of touch Griffin is believed to be.

Her only sponsor, Squatty Potty, a company that manufactures a stool to “mimic a perfect squat” on the throne has dropped Griffin. To boot, no longer will the 56-year-old former comic co-host CNN’s New Year’s Eve soirée where she would make Anderson Cooper giggle like a 13-year-old girl.

Griffin Tour dates canceled

Also gone with the wind is "Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins Tour".

The former comedian had a few stops scheduled in California, several more around New York City, and one in New Mexico for a total of about seven gigs - not exactly a heavy schedule. They have all since canceled not-so-funny Griffin. "Ms. Griffin’s recent actions have severely inhibited our ability to fulfill our mission as a non-profit theater serving the Staten Island community," said that theater.

Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque followed suit and blacklisted Griffin before the rest of her California venues quickly canceled. Her last scheduled appearance at Bergen Performing Arts Center in New Jersey has canceled Griffin too.

Democrats need better message

While it’s unlikely Democrats like Griffin will stop obsessing over Russian conspiracies or that their allies in the media will stop promoting such propaganda, they might want to concoct a rational message with a more patriotic vision that offers policy proposals in lieu of mob violence and celebrity decapitations. If not, they may find themselves standing in line with Kathy Griffin at their local unemployment office.