It is still a wonder how Kathy Griffin or anyone else involved in the grotesque photo shoot that featured something that resembled the severed head of President Donald Trump thought it was a good idea. John Podhoretz theorizes that Griffin lives in a bubble that allowed her to think that pretending to be an ISIS jihadi in a snuff video was a jolly thing to do. In any case, she has been informed of the extent of her folly big league, as the president might say.

Barron Trump frightened out of his mind

The president has an 11-year-old son, Barron, who has often been seen but not heard.

When he saw Kathy Griffin waving around what appeared to be the gory head of his father, he momentarily thought some crazy woman had actually decapitated his dad and was revealing in it on national TV. One would have to have a heart of stone, which a number of people who use Twitter seem to, not to feel for the lad. Most 11-year-olds do not follow politics as keenly as adults. But the boy must be aware that a large number of people hate his dad for some reason. So, for just a moment, he could be forgiven for thinking that someone had assassinated him. Brava Kathy Griffin.

Kathy Griffin falls from grace

Griffin offered an apology but it was too little too late. By all accounts, it took just a few minutes for one of the companies Griffin does commercials for, squatty potty, to cut her loose.

CNN took an entire day to sever all ties with the alleged comedian. Anderson Cooper will have to find another sidekick to ring in the New Year with. Presumably, it will be someone who does not have fantasies about joining ISIS.

Heat endeth the lesson

Kathy Griffin has done the nation a service by finding that fine line in political discourse beyond which one can never venture.

One can say pretty much whatever one wants about the president of the United States. One can call him a rapist, a drunk, or a traitor. One can even suggest that he is not a natural born American or a secret Muslim, as President Barack Obama was spuriously accused of. The accusations can be true or not. It doesn’t matter. One can pretty much say anything about a public figure one wants in the United States.

Taking the slings and arrows goes along with the big house and the well-appointed plane.

But waving what looks like the head of the president of the United States goes beyond what is acceptable even in these debased times. All pundits, especially with access to TV cameras, should duly take note and act accordingly.