Charlie Chaplin once said, "A day without laughter is a day wasted." Comedy is one of our greatest powers. There are few things more self-satisfying than putting a smile on someone's face. Kathy Griffin has contributed her fair share of comedy in the US. She has made a name for herself by walking on a thin line and leaving no one indifferent. The dangers of doing so is stepping out of line and, when that happens, the repercussions are important. Kathy Griffin stepped out of line when she posted an image of herself holding a fake head of President Donald Trump covered in blood, and what has ensued cannot be applauded either.

Kathy Griffin and when comedy is not funny

Should everything be allowed in the realms of comedy? If the main purpose is to produce laughter, should the end justify the mean? Comedy's intended end is the laughter and well-being of others, not a sentiment of hate or aggression towards anyone. Many people applauded Kathy Griffin's stance because of their heightened discontent with Donald Trump's politics or persona, but not everything should be tolerated, especially when harm is done. When comedians turn rogue, comedy turns offensive, and that is when comedy is no longer funny.

We always circle back to the same topic - Freedom Of Expression. Yes, comedy is a form of freedom of expression that allows humor to seize the minds of the masses and place liberty in their hearts.

The essence of comedy is its ability to help us overlook, for a few moments, the miseries of this world and rather share some laughs. Kathy Griffin has helped the American audience in this department.

Comedians remind us about our rights and freedoms while also putting a smile on our faces. But, like any other freedom, when one exercises one's freedom in order to step into another person's freedom, then one can no longer call it freedom.

Violating other people's rights and freedoms, whether it is the right to feel safe or be treated equally, has no defense, and this applies to Kathy Griffin's recent depiction of Donald Trump.

Liberal media and Donald Trump

What bothers me most is the apparent "carte blanche" certain media have in terms of their ability to fire at Donald Trump at will and with no limits.

However, there should be limits, like in any other aspect of life. No matter how distasteful or unethical a public figure may appear, it does not justify some media responses we have been watching and reading. This form of 'lapidation' which Donald Trump has been subjected to has almost become a national sport in the US, and Kathy Griffin has become the latest notorious player.

Liberal media is supposed to provide a healthy alternative to mainstream, conservative media. Bias cannot be evaded but liberal media has usually done a good job in advocating the need to perpetuate different narratives, and, in doing so, escape the temptation of protecting the agendas of those in power. But, this recent pseudo-liberal US media has rather embraced a single narrative with one target in mind, Donald Trump.

Trump is being held accountable for his actions regardless of his intentions, and accountable for his intentions regardless of his actions.

The aftermath

Donald Trump, as expected, condemned Kathy Griffin's post. No human being should experience such public abuse. Donald Trump has proven he can take everything that is being thrown at him; however, his 11 year old child, or any child for that matter, does not deserve to see that image of his father.

Kathy Griffin went on to post a video in which she acknowledges her regret and negligence. That was a first step in the right direction. However, I am not sure if it was the social pressure that erupted in different media platforms that actually backed her into this corner.

On June 3, an emotional Kathy Griffin held a press conference accompanied by her attorney Lisa Bloom. Griffin went on to denounce that Trump and his family were “bullying” her and trying to ruin her life and career. Griffin has indeed lost several TV gigs following the scandal. She also claimed that she had been receiving death threats. If this is true, it would be another unfortunate page in a truly unfortunate story. Mistakes are what make us human, and people should move on and let others move on.

While slipping in jokes directed at Trump throughout the conference (which I would have personally refrained from doing, considering the magnitude of her mistake) Griffin also had time to affirm that the reason Trump is apparently finding ways to get back at her is because she is a woman.

Now, this feminist discourse has no place in this story. She lost her gigs not because of her gender but because of a horrible mistake that many TV networks naturally do not wish to be associated with.

Moving on

This scandal should not discourage media from continuing to speak its truth whenever and however it wishes to do so. This should not discourage comedian Kathy Griffin either. Everyone has mistakes. Media's power, and that of any comedian like Kathy Griffin, cannot be taken away without their consent. The benefits of such freedoms of expression far outweigh the mistakes that can and should happen by one of its most important representatives - the comedian. More than ever, when a figure like Donald Trump takes our world by storm, the advocates of freedom of expression, including comedians, should do an exemplary job of holding those in power accountable.