Unfortunately, it is the Donald Trumps of the world who could do more than most to reverse the tides of violence. It is unfortunate because we live in a world where even in democratic nations the dismal strongman logic is dominant. It is laughable to think that a cowardly fellow who flinches when a mosquito comes near could have massive influence for good, but that is the case.

It is a long shot, however. It is more likely that the sum total of Trump's stewardship will incline toward hurt, harm, and death.

Terror will endure as long as violence is normal

The normality of violence is most visible when we consider cars. They are instruments of lethal violence. Not merely when they are used as weapons as in London or Nice. They kill many thousands yearly and untold thousands. We see it as normal. We do not consider that we choose this fate. We could end these deaths with a little imagination. And end 20 percent of the world's Global warming as well.

Trump's oil fetish

Trump's worship of the sticky stuff is shared by most of the rest of the world. It is a noxious form of idolatry. You cannot get killed worshipping Justin Bieber. But you can certainly risk your demise by committing forever to the automobile and the fossil fuel that powers it.

Trump has taken every measure that was meant to modify this idolatry and made sure that things are worse, often doubly so. He is a danger. He should cease and desist.

Now Gandhi

In contrast to Trump, Gandhi created a democracy wearing almost nothing and espousing nonresistance, nonviolence. It did not take him that long to end colonial rule In India and set the universal values in place.

It did not require much beyond that basic values decision. That was something he had within him most of his life. Most of what is good is not complex. Things like nonviolence. Basic income. Respect for all.

Time is patient

We should be thankful that time is what it is. It is a gift that keeps on giving. We can have all the catastrophe's we want and time will keep turning.

It cannot be guaranteed but it seems likely. What will it take to become nonviolent? Make no mistake, that day must come.

It has been coming without our knowledge. Even as we speak, things have gotten less violent, diseases have gotten less lethal.


We are moving toward nonviolence because people all over have decided it shall be so. The decision is free and belongs to each person. A person is the only one who can make a difference.