Ivanka Trump and her husband hold sensitive and significant positions in the White House. She is her father’s adviser and her husband Jared Kushner is the White House’s Innovation Director. The mother of three was interviewed by “Fox and Friends, ” and there she revealed that she tries “to stay out of politics.”

Her declaration seems to contradict with her present position as one of the advisers to the President of the United States because it is a major political position. An article published on CNN which was authored by journalist Jill Filipovic states that Ivanka Trump has a lot more to learn.

Ivanka Trump failed to impress journalists

When asked by the host Ainsley Earhardt if she and her father disagree, she answered a series of cliché statements about how Donald Trump listens to various opinions and that it is but normal for parents and children to disagree.

Jared Kushner’s wife was quoted saying that one of the things that America lacks is a dialogue where people who have varying opinions can speak about them freely. But when given the chance to express her ideas she just talked in general about her support for her father - family support, workforce development, veterans and the opioid crisis. She failed to address and elaborate even a single issue.

One more thing that proves Ivanka Trump is half-baked in her White House position is when she said that she does not profess as a political savant, and that she is trying to stay out of politics.

But it is everybody’s knowledge that she is currently in mainstream politics.

The public is confused on Ivanka Trump's stand on politics

Filipovic said that it is insulting to the Americans, to the office of the President and to public service as a whole. She also said that presidential advisers must be political geniuses and should not be ignorant of their roles in the administration.

Advisers must be highly-qualified to offer their ideas and expertise learned through experience.

News mentioned in a report that this is not the first time Ivanka Trump was quoted saying baffling and impossible statements. Her Memorial Day tweet about Champagne popsicles was received with condemnation especially from families of war casualties.

The Trump administration is facing enormous challenges from its critics and to the Americans that do not want him in the White House. Ivanka Trump’s confusing statements only make matters worse. If she is not fully equipped for her role as special adviser, she might as well give it to the political savvy and experienced men.