Today it occurred to me that Trump could actually be the only person who could accomplish what needs to be done to avoid a predictable crisis. He could be the prophet of a new and prosperous world by tossing his backward mantra and declaring that he is making the world possible for the future.

The steps to avoid collapse are so politically charged that only Donald Trump might be able to achieve them.

They involve embracing cyberliberalism, which is a total rejection of the present system that has been called neoliberalism though it is neither new nor liberal.

This is my own term and I shall in future posts elaborate.

The physical steps should warm the President's heart. All of them have to do with achieving a prosperity that the world hopes for but cannot reach with the neoliberal economy we have. It also involves a move toward becoming a nonviolent planet through a reduction in armaments. Then we also end our suicidal reliance on oil, the automobile, and the anemic-growth economy it has spawned.

Future Capitalism

Cyberliberalism will not zap capitalism, it will provide an opportunity for everyone to earn whatever they wish, according to their interests and drive. Cyberliberalism will create a world of cybercommunities that represent the clear wisdom of rebuilding the world as it presently exists.

We are talking about a world of walkable communities, where all aspects of a human city are found within a walk of less than a mile.

Donald Trump could become the Barnum of cybercommunities and engage the heads of the five biggest corporations in the world in a common effort to achieve the good things they continue to advocate but cannot achieve in our current world of warming, sprawl, fossil fuel addiction and economic stumbling.


I shall probably continue to write articles on Trump's collapse because he has proved to be the male version of Cruella De Ville. Whatever he undertakes he seems to convert to disaster. However, I never give up and sometimes a convert is just what we need to get the world on the right track.

Weather emergencies?

Does Donald want true safety?

Cybercommunities are weather-resistant and designed for total security. Does he want to be the one who insisted on halving military outlays to enable investment in more than the reclamation of what is no longer feasible under the heading of infrastructure?

Donald is meeting today with biggies from Silicon Valley who are themselves still locked in car-worship and therefore wrong. Maybe Donald will see this little article and have a true aha moment.