Hillary Clinton has spent the last several months rehashing her election loss in what is becoming an embarrassing situation for the former Secretary of State, whether she realizes this or not. Even some of her supporters are finding it hard to see Hillary acting like a woman scorned as she lashes out at the world for her election loss.

She has even dragged the entire Democratic Party through the mud claiming she saved them financially, stating they did nothing for her, which is just the opposite of what she conveyed while at the height of her ill-fated campaign.

Her recent claims that the Democratic Party handed her outdated information on voters was not received well by the Democratic data collectors today, who are lashing out at Hillary Clinton's latest accusations. Hillary said, in a rather angry tone, that she inherited "nothing" from the party she calls her own.

Bashes her party

Hillary sat with Kara Swisher on Wednesday while at the Recode Convention in California and offered up some harsh criticism of the Democratic party. Hillary claims that the data she used to navigate her campaign handed to her by the party "was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong." She also stated that " I had to inject money into it."

The Democrats are fighting back, claiming that there was nothing wrong with their data, and that it was just that Hillary didn't use it correctly, according to CNN Politics.

"Fox & Friends" on Friday morning wondered if it may be time for the Democratic Party to start distancing themselves from Hillary Clinton. She has come out swinging wildly with the intention of knocking everyone down. Hillary is demonstrating the old adage that "misery loves company" and it looks like she's spreading her misery via accusations today.

Mowing them down

The National Review describes Hillary in her latest interview by saying, "She acts like a sprinkler system of excuses for her 2016 loss, spraying them all around." "Fox & Friends" suggests it is long past due for Hillary to move on. She is embarrassing herself as she sits on stage after stage telling people in so many words that she should be the president of the nation today.

Where's Chelsea and Bill?

Why hasn't someone like Bill or Chelsea stepped in and shown Hillary the error of her ways? Her latest claim about the Democratic Party makes Hillary look like a loose cannon. She had nothing but wonderful things to say about the party while campaigning and today she is conveying that they played a part in her election loss. On "Fox & Friends" this morning, one of the guests thought Hillary, who prides herself on being a strong woman, wasn't demonstrating the behaviors that go along with that claim.

Strong woman?

The actions of a strong woman would be to accept the fact that she didn't win and move on. This Pity Party that she's been throwing does anything but shine her in the light of a strong woman of today. Hillary's done enough damage to her reputation that if there was ever a thought of her running again in 2020, she probably would not find the backing.