The Same hackers that were said to hack the dnc, are also under suspicion of hacking the Conservative Heritage Foundation (CHF) as well. According to The Daily Caller, the hack was during the 2016 election. So, who is the CHF, and why would hackers go after this group? The Caller reports that the CHF was working closely with the Trump transition team.

Reports say the organization worked with the team before and after the election. So this would be a target for opposing entities, that want to see Trump fail. However, they also hit the DNC. So who could this "mad hacker" be?

Reports claim that the hackers would have to be from a neutral party. During the election, there were 4 different parties in the election. Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, and the Green party.

The Green Party

As you may recall, Jill Stein, the leader of the Green Party, tried with all her might to have the votes recounted. Yet, the efforts backfired and created backlash for the candidate. She went down every avenue she could to try to derail the "Trump Train." She raised millions of dollars to fund her efforts.

When the task fell through, she did not pay back the donations and caused a lot of angry donors to fall away from the Green Party. However, on Stein's campaign website, she stated that all unused donation money would go for future, Green Party campaigns.

This left a multitude of angry Green party supporters.

The Libertarian Party

When asked in an interview about his views on Aleppo, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party leader replied, "what is Aleppo?" The reply that shook the heads of every American. Yet, Johnson appears to have lost "gracefully." As a matter-of-fact, we haven't heard any followup information on him at all.

There is a saying in America, "be careful of the quiet ones." Sometimes silence can be deceiving. Johnson was the 29th Governor of New Mexico. During the campaigns, he had harsh words for both President Trump and Secretary Clinton. He also had some negative words for Stein as well. All throughout his campaign, he gave many Americans the impression that he was not the right one for the job of "leader of the free world."


Weeks before the election, the FBI had warned the CHF of phishing attempts.

Then, the CHF warned its employees of the dangers. No further leads have been shared with the public at this time. The only thing we know is, the FBI is working nonstop until they catch the "mad hacker." What are your thoughts? Leave a comment in the comment section below and let us know.