According to the Daily Caller, the Washington Post (WP) printed a bombshell. According to the news publication, they have the "smoking gun" to prove collusion. The article claims that they possess the secret letter to the Russian Ambassador to end it all. The "bombshell," according to WP, proves jared kushner requested a private channel to the Russians.

The article was posted on Friday and ran all weekend long. The article received a multitude of views. According to the article, the letter was given to them by an "anonymous source." Yet there is a problem with the "anonymous letter," The Daily Caller reports.

They are unwilling to show the letter publically. The unwillingness to share the letter has produced doubts among Americans.

Does the 'anonymous letter' even exist?

The question of the existence of the so-called "anonymous letter," has arisen among journalism communities everywhere. This question, among others, has produced doubts about the authenticity of the claim as well. If this was absolute proof, then why is the WP being so secretive about it? If this was the "bombshell" that the WP claimed, why not share the letter?

This is the question that Sen.

Lindsey Graham has also asked, according to the Daily Caller report. Graham, who served on Senate Select Committee on Intelligence for two years doubts the letter exists. The Senator also doubts that the Russian ambassador would transmit the Kushner proposal on an open line saying, this “made no sense.” However, Graham is not the only official in doubt.

Interview with Former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova

In an interview, the Daily Caller learned that U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova also had doubts. According to DiGenova, the unreleased parts of the letter would probably ruin the credibility of the author. DiGenova said that the problem lies with the "secrecy of the WP." "It would help if we knew what else was in the letter." He went on to say that "the secrecy is what casts doubt about the allegation." He concluded with "the release of the letter would probably expose the author as not a legitimate source."

In the article, the Daily Caller said that Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said that the WP may be hiding that the author has a "partisan agenda." Whatever the case may be, the world would love to see the letter. So was the article "click bait?" Only time will tell. Be sure to tell us what you think in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!