Hillary Clinton has been very vocal regarding losing the presidential election. She has blamed the republicans, President Trump, the Russians and now the democrats. Fellow liberals are tired of what they see as sour grapes. They want Mrs. Clinton to stop complaining and remove herself from the spotlight.

Hillary Clinton is hurting

It sounds easy for the rest of us to say Hillary needs to accept her loss and move on but we are not in her shoes. She did not lose the election simply because Donald Trump received more votes.There were extenuating circumstances that her fellow conservatives should consider.

James Comey released information on Mrs. Clinton's emails but withheld what he knew regarding Donald Trump and Russia. No one really knows if this would have made a difference and that's the point. Hillary Clinton believes she was cheated out of the White House. Democrats were supporting her early on but now no longer want to hear about the November election.

There is no way to prove this is true or false, but Mrs. Clinton believes it. And now the former Presidential Candidate is watching the man who won the election cause chao nearly every day since he has been in office. She is probably looking at the situation and believing she could have done better. If Donald Trump was not so controversial, it may have been easier for Hillary to remove herself from the spotlight.

Time for Clinton to move on

Republicans have been saying since November that the election is over and Hillary Clinton needs to get over it. Now many democrats are repeating the same. Clinton putting down the DNC is probably what has brought about the outcry from her fellow liberals.

Perhaps it would be easier for Clinton to move on if the Russia collusion was not continuing to loom over the nation.

Maybe she believes if it is proven that Donald Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice or treason he will be impeached, and perhaps then she will feel vindicated. Unfortunately, no one in this nation wants to wait that long. This is why Hillary Clinton needs to stop complaining now.

Americans understand that the former presidential candidate is dealing with real pain.

And that there were unusual, even unfair, circumstances surrounding her loss. She is beginning, however, to sound like a broken record and people are tired of listening to the same old song. Hillary is hurting and needs to heal. She should step away from politics in order to begin the healing process.