I have just deleted yet another email from a Democratic Senator asking me what I think. Clicking through the whole contribution-come-on I found no place to enter what I think. Then I realized this was a come on for a contribution and that the opinion stuff was window dressing.

My opinion

Forget it. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that I have not heard an original word emanating from the Democratic side for ages. Doesn't it matter that the democrats sat supinely while President Obama was being visibly trashed by the invidious GOP? The Democrats are no less on the one percent dole than the GOP is.

The only variation is in the amounts and that would change if the Dems won. Both are beholden to the powers and that means nothing can happen that will make more than a cosmetic difference. Presidential unilateralism doesn't help. Maybe states like California are what might inspire the Democrats generally.

So Mr. Democrat

Yes, it was a male Senator whose note I deleted. I am for good things. I am for a fifty percent reduction in the military budget. Any Senators willing to go with that? Am I for universal basic income? Whatever will end what we have and create a level playing field, I am for. There is no panacea. But there is honest change. Somewhere. I liked it when John Lewis sat in in the House.

I like it when Tulsi Gabbard issues a wise tweet to show there is still a hint of Kennedy thinking behind all the hypocrisy of the Democrats' hardly hidden infatuation with wealth.

Slim pickings

I see the names of the Democratic folk who are angling to be considered for the future, They seem evenly divided between those too old to bother us with primary campaigns and those who elicit no real interest.

I am sure some will emerge who might pass muster. Where is Gavin Newsom? Where is Tulsi Gabbard? Where is Deval Patrick? Can we have someone who knows how to govern and who can work with Congress?

Let's retire the excuses

We should bid farewell to the excuse culture which threatens to become chronic with Democrats. There are no excuses.

Nor is there a basis for blame. Nor is infighting of remote interest. It may be easy to report but media should be more ambitious. Go out and find people who vote and talk to them. Go places where decent things are being done and write about them. Go where people are being savaged by Trump and hold their situations high. Eschew binary reporting. We can win when we start to think right.

We will not win

We will not taste victory until we can venerate the few good things about our past that we have hidden for fear of GOP scorn. The GOP should reserve scorn for times they are looking in a mirror. We will win when good ideas meet people with enough courage to advance them because they are right and all other considerations are damned.