With the 2018 political season already underway, Donald Trump along with the Republican National Committee, and others have begun putting their strategy into play with the hope of getting more Conservatives elected at the state and federal level. Republicans will, for the most part, continue to echo what they have been doing with great success for over a decade by reminding voters that Democrats and Progressives will continue to erode the moral fabric of the United States if elected. Conservative PACs like KOCH's Citizens United, ALEC, the Charles KOCH Foundation, and various Evangelical Christian groups, will continue dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into Conservative political campaigns in 2018 and launching television and print ads full of misinformation and distortion against Democrats and Progressives.

Republicans are connecting Democratic candidates to Nancy Pelosi and a liberal agenda

This strategy brought about KS 4th District Democrat James Thompson's loss to (R) Ron Estes in the April 11th special election to fill (R) Mike Pompeo's vacant congressional seat. Up until the final week, Thompson held a huge lead in the polls but ended up losing by 6 percentage points. The same tactics have been used against Jon Ossoff, the Democrat contender for Georgia's 6th district in tomorrow's June 20th election. Showing up en masse during the last weeks leading up to local or district elections, Trump and Republicans tell voters Nancy Pelosi needs Democrats in the U.S. Congress so she can raise their taxes, take away their second amendment rights, and fund Planned Parenthood with their tax dollars.

Trump and Republican attack against journalists as is turning the public against the media

What most Americans believed was typical Conservative rhetoric against print and radio media in recent years has become a tool used by the president and Republicans in the U.S. Congress and Senate to verbally attack journalists and newspapers every time something negative is printed or said about them.

This has been so effective that a growing number of Americans now believe reporters and newspapers cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Republican Strategists have decided that now is an opportune time to use that mistrust to paint Democratic, Progressive, and moderate candidates as having taken control of the mainstream media.

If enough voters believed they could only trust the right wing and alt right media, Conservatives could in effect practically silence the left and put a further stranglehold on Democracy in 2018.

Republicans see Hillary Clinton as a pawn they can use to get more Conservatives elected in 2018

GOP strategists and special interest groups will use the declaration Hillary Clinton made June 4th about getting involved in the 2018 midterm elections to try and increase their majority in both the U.S. Congress and Senate while solidifying their influence at the state level. Republican candidates will play up the differences between the parties political successes and Clinton's two failures to become president.

As cited in the Washington Examiner, Doug Heye, former Republican National Committee communications director, said Republicans are looking forward to Hillary being out in public promoting Liberal candidates while Democrats dread her involvement. Considering Hillary Clinton's divisive influence on the party, especially during her 2016 presidential campaign, she could cost both Democrats and Progressives dearly.

Trump and Republicans currently in office are asking special interest groups to reach out to members

Speaking at the recent National Rifle Association convention, Trump touted the Republican candidate for Georgia's 6th District Seat as being a friend of the NRA and someone who would guarantee there would be no gun control laws passed in Georgia or in Washington.

The same was done at the Road to the Majority Conference hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition two weeks ago by Trump, Pence, Cruz, McConnell and other Republican leaders. Conservatives entire strategy is a deliberate attempt to further weaken the left and get more of their own elected. on November 6th, 2018 when voters go to the polls. The NRA has a lot of national political clout and money to put into Conservative candidates, and the group is not above threatening Democrats running for office. Let's all pray that the Republican 2018 election strategy doesn't pan out for Democracy's sake.