For something to be Halaal, it must follow all the rules of the Islamic faith. Most commonly it is used to refer to foods following the dietary restrictions the are required by the faith. Traditional Nail Polish is considered to be not Halaal as it can impede the completion of certain rituals. Before prayer, there is a ritual of washing up called Wudu where one washes their hands, face, ears, arms, and feet. The reason that nail polish is considered by many to invalidate the Wudu is that it prevents the water from directly touching the nail and thus the worshipper is not completing the ritual.

Orly, Hooray

Orly has stepped up to fill this gap. What's so amazing about Orly creating this inclusive nail polish is that this is a popular, mainstream brand. The fact that it is such a popular and easy to recognize brand helps make it more readily available. It is also affordable as it is mass produced. It can be easily found as it is available alongside other nail polishes. This is fantastic news for Muslim people who want to wear nail polish while they pray but it also has another benefit. Having such a popular brand recognize the needs of a marginalized group sets a precedent for other companies to do the same. Meeting the needs of all groups is not just about nail polish and outer beauty, its about representation and acceptance of everyone in our communities.

Not a perfect solution

This water-permeable polish is not a perfect solution because it's been common place for so long to not wear nail polish while praying, it comes with a burden. For the wearer personally, there can be a feeling of something being off. There is also judgement from others, partially because it is not commonplace, but also because one can’t tell from looking whether any certain nail polish is water permeable or not.

Benefits to non-Muslims

For those who don’t care, or are thinking 'I’m not Muslim' or 'I don’t follow Halaal rules so why would I care,' this polish could be great news for you too. There are many theories doctors and experts have about how breathable, porous nail polish could promote healthy nails for any wearer.

Other benefits

Ultimately, this nail polish isn’t going to be a for everyone but the fact that the beauty industry is catering to Muslims is a huge step forward. Muslim People are overwhelmingly a positive part of U.S. culture, and there needs to be more love and positivity in the media. Let's drown out hateful speech about Muslim activists and leaders and stop discrimination.