The early morning shooting that took place in the Congressional Baseball park was tragic. It continues to be the main topic on CNN and other news outlets. People are shocked, outraged, and frightened, as they should be. There is, however, a valuable lesson for mainstream America to learn from this shooting. No one in this Day And Age is immune from The Trump Effect.

An average day for many who live in America

What happened at that ball field outside of Alexandria is a normal part of life for many who live in America. Gunshots are part of an average day in certain neighborhoods.

People are expressing outrage that there was a young boy who may have been shot at the congressional ballpark. He is very fortunate, unlike the many children who die from gunshots in this nation every day.

The public servants on Capitol Hill are far removed from this type of random violence. This is why they are so shocked. These men and women have not had their lives touched on a regular basis by random acts of violence that harm the innocent. What they have been dealing with for less than a week has become a lifestyle for a growing number of people in America.

The truth that Capitol Hill and all America should grasp

There is a concept that our public servants on Capitol Hill should grasp from this situation.

They now know what others in America have known for a while. They have been touched by senseless violence. They watched a comrade fall to the ground and fear for his life. They were concerned about the life of an innocent child. They now understand that living in a gated community, working at the White House, and having a certain dollar amount in the bank did not render them immune.

We live in a day and age where random senseless acts of violence are increasing.

Our elected and appointed officials must realize that as public servants they can no longer be nonchalant regarding the people they serve. Americans are losing jobs and health benefits, looking to their elected officials for help. Senior citizens and the poor are being affected by the changes from the Trump administration.

No longer can those who work on Capitol Hill live in a bubble and be caught up only in what is going on in their gilded cage.

This tragic event needs to be a wake-up call. President Trump initiated the climate of hate and intolerance in this nation during his campaign He has continued without changing anything when he became the President of the United States. And now, someone working on his watch is in critical condition. The truth that needs to be taken from this situation is that being rich and powerful while working on Capitol Hill will not shield anyone from the climate of hate and senseless violence that is currently sweeping this nation.