There was a time when Donald Trump had insight into himself. He told People Magazine back in the 90s that if he ever ran for president he would do so as a GOP candidate. He called that party "the dumbest group of voters". His evidence was their penchant for FOX News.

He is a good actor

I have little doubt that his base, which is now being estimated to hover around 30 percent of Americans will believe his distinctly seductive brand of bile. But I suspect the rest of America, that would be as much as 70 percent, is becoming bored. In fact, boredom may be replacing once rational fears that he might keep launching surprise attacks, being friends with dictators and issuing orders when he simply doesn't know or care what the harmful results will be.

The spiel

A good actor maintains the character he is playing. In Trump's case, that is the role of a mean and nasty but at the same time sacrificial president of a worshipful base -- the rest of "them" (us) be damned. Today this one-time scourge of dumb Republicans begins what will become the Mueller War.

There is a problem with this. Mueller is not a god but he is fairly close. If other similarly admirable people fall in Trump's sights things could really devolve. Come to think of it there is hardly anyone left to attack.

The Beef

This little Tweet will open up the whole sequence of outbursts on this first day of the Mueller War.

Trump could be whipping the US Senate into shape to pass his disastrous health bill. But that is going to be forgotten. Steve Scalise is more critical than anyone said yesterday, but first things first. Here is Trump who thinks the GOP is made up of dumbos hammering away at the party he once saw as Non Compos Mentis (of unsound mind).

The fact that he is now their president is immaterial.


We should all relax and reflect. Maybe sending the Donald home makes the best sense. We need to clear one thing up at a time. Next, we can hold Pence to doing no worse than the GOP always does. The investigation of Mr. Mueller may chasten the Vice President some. Finally, we can turn our attention to the formidable problem of getting rid of the GOP.

This will not be easy. But we have a bit of time to sort things out. We need some younger, newer voices to revive the Democrats.

We also need a message that can overcome the effective, hypocritical approach of Trump. We need to project strength and genuine caring for all Americans bar none. JFK understood why Democrats cannot afford to act like wimps. Messages are a huge problem and we do not presently have one.