Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., the House majority whip, was critically wounded in Alexandria, Virginia on Wednesday. Any other shooting would be dissected and discussed to death. Celebrities would be brought in to offer their opinions, but not today. Why are the networks silent? They don’t want to publicize the fact that the shooter was an Illinois native, James Hodgkinson, a left-wing activist, a Bernie Sanders follower. Instead, all the networks could say was that we need more gun control. Perhaps we need media accountability. They have been promoting the violent comments by Hollywood people towards Republicans and our President.

Their result is swelling liberal violence.

Press promoting violence?

Sunday Arizona Republic reported Tim Pompe of Phoenix saying via Facebook to our Senator Jeff flake (R.) who was also at the Republican baseball practice game: “Hey Congressman! Must be nice to have health insurance at a time like this. I hope the next guy has a better aim.” David Fishman replied to his post saying: “Are you advocating the assassination of a public official?” Pompe proceeded to hide behind the First Amendment yet he promoted illegal activity on Facebook. This is your source of aggression.

Meanwhile, U.S. News and World Report said with a heading: "A New Ballgame?". After the baseball shooting, lawmakers hope to soften the national rhetoric.

The piece went on to say it’s not only Congress, it’s the public and the media that have resorted to flame throwing primarily at President Trump. The report says representatives from both sides of the aisle agreed to be more civil towards each other. Somebody needs to include informing the networks.

Missing the rest of the story

The networks won’t cover the rest of the story not only because Paul Harvey’s gone, but because it’s not in their best interests. Apparently, their lone objective is tunnel vision set on last year’s election. Get over it! There is no evidence to support their bear hunt unless they’re going after Hillary or former President Obama.

As taxpayers, we demand you stop wasting our tax dollars, balance the budget and stop promoting violence.

Whatever happened to objective journalism? Why are Congress and the Media constantly feeding each other? Under President Obama, there wasn't committee after committee exploring Obama's dealings with Russia. According to Pundits, there should have been arrests and charges regarding Fast and Furious and all the other scandals, but there wasn't. The witch trials were a waste then and are a bigger waste today.