At a congressional baseball practice on Wednesday morning, a lone wolf shooter opened fire while targeting Republican lawmakers. As the incident was discussed on Fox News later on in the day, a network host had to correct the record following controversial statements made by Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich's blame game

In Alexandria, Virginia on Wednesday morning, Democrats and Republicans were warming up and practicing for the upcoming congressional baseball game scheduled for later this week. As Republican lawmakers took the field, dozens of gunshots fired by a lone gunman, striking Rep.

Steve Scalise, as well as a congressional aide and two members of law enforcement. As of press time, Scalise is listed in critical condition, while the others are expected to make a recovery and are in good condition. The alleged shooter is 66-year-old James Hodgkinson, who reportedly waited for the Republicans to make their way onto the field before firing. According to Hodgkinson's social media pages, he's appears to show strong left-learning political beliefs, while showing support for Sen. Bernie Sanders and hard-line opposition to President Donald Trump. Both Democrats and Republicans in Washington appeared to put politics aside following the shooting, as leaders of both parties came together to rally in support of the victims and condemn the shooter.

The issue was highlighted during a June 14 segment on Fox News with Newt Gingrich as a guest.

While joining the crew on Fox News on Wednesday, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich decided to give his thoughts on the aforementioned shooting of Steve Scalise and others at the congressional baseball game, while deciding to blame Democrats and liberals for what took place.

"The intensity on the left is very real," Gingrich pointed out. Gingrich went on to cite recent examples to back up his allegation, including the controversy surrounding comedian Kathy Griffin and a play in New York City showing Donald Trump being decapitated. Gingrich didn't stop there, accusing Democrats of being "so angry they have to use vulgarity because they can’t find any common language."

At this point, Fox News host Melissa Francis was forced to chime in and stop Newt Gingrich in his tracks.

"Even if everything you’re saying is true, to talk about it in those kinds of terms, in left and right, right now in the wake of it, does that make sense?" Francis said.

"If you want to know the truth," the former House Speaker replied. Melissa Francis then asked if Republicans should "rise above" the partisanship, to which Gingrich answered "No," while continuing to bash Democrats.

Current status

As of press time, Rep. Steve Scalise is listed in critical condition, while the others are expected to pull through. The shooter, James Hodgkinson, was brought to a nearby hospital after being taken down by police, where he has since been reported as deceased.