They say the best defense is to go on offense and apparently that is what the DNC and Mainstream media has done for the past ten months. The Washington Examiner said nearly two weeks ago If Trump is innocent of collusion then what happens to the media? Since the media proclaimed Hillary was the winner of the 20016 elections they lost a lot of credibility. Their claim ever since was Russian interference and Trump involvement but now the evidence points towards Hillary. How low can they go?

The Washington Times points out that the Russian tables have turned from Trump to Clinton, Obama, and Holder.

With this all said, the New York Post asks who will investigate the new Russian scandal? President Trump stated that “Clinton is a disgrace” along with the DNC because they paid millions of dollars to hire the DC law firm, Perkins Coie, which in turn hired Fusion Gps to investigate President Trump.


Also according to the New York Post it comes as no surprise that Fusion GPS takes the Fifth Amendment in front of Congress and the FBI has resisted congressional subpoenas for its role in the matter. It looks like the Trump collusion job was a Democratic hit-job.

Also curious is the murders or deaths of everyone that has been set to testify against Ms. Clinton. Check out the Clinton body count on YouTube.

NYP also says the evidence points towards the Russian and Clinton multi-million dollar uranium deal. With Robert Mueller deep in DNC/Clinton pockets who will investigate the investigator?

There is a lot of speculation on the future of America. Imagine if you will, the possibility of the downward spiral continuing until the USA is nothing more than another piece of a puzzle of global dictatorship. If our country had continued being run by the Democrats such as Obama and then Clinton a global flag would have been flying over this great nation under international rule.

Robert Mueller was hailed by Speaker Ryan to be a fine choice for investigating the Russia probe. According to the Washington Post, he is too dirty to be doing the investigating.

The question before the American people is will Mueller switch the Russian investigation to where it belongs? Chances are he will not because his allegiance is to the system. Ryan has been outspoken against President Trump along with others Like Senators Flake and McCain who have blocked much of the President's agenda. To date, they have delayed a record number of appointed judges. This obstruction has been the worst in history.