Today I really wish I could write about the US Senate GOP Collapse because the shameful performance of that group of non-patriots is truly breathtaking. But I have already had that on my sites so now I will turn to what is proving a very easy thing to get done. Here, almost instantaneously, are three serious signs of trump collapse and none of them is even wishful thinking.

That old approval

Donald likes to stroke himself with good polls and the like. But today he has hit rock bottom with an all-time-low approval rating of 36. My own thesis is that we hit a bump a few days ago, not any event, just a point in reality where Trump became boring.

He is almost on the verge of becoming pitiful. It does not mean he is through by any means. He can still do damage and he can still fight. But something is different.

Here's the hard news on approval:

Never heard of her

My bad but I had never heard of the lady I will next loft into the limelight. She is from West Virginia. She is GOP. Her name is Shelley Moore Capito.

There are GOP Senators who know that killing Medicaid is the fondest dream of their most rapacious colleagues.

But Sen. Capito has not been named as one of that handful. If Senators who could be seen as moderate-leaning begin to bail on the Senate atrocity, then my thesis about Donald will get some legs. He will not have mattered.

His lousy bill will go down and nothing he says will make a hill's bean worth of difference.

Can there be a third cause?

Oh yes. Trump collapse is a continuing phenomenon. There is a lawyer in the arsenal, Bob Mueller is building who scares whatever you think is in Trump out of him. Bear in mind when I talk collapse, the fruition of any element cited could be the cause. Ms. Capito. Plummeting approval. Or this guy.

Andrew Weissmann apparently needs no introduction to Trump.

As a fraud chaser in the Justice Department, he handled Enron and flipped witnesses. He was active in mob-related prosecutions in Brooklyn. Sounds like just the sort of guy Trump would know about.

The problem is that Trump has apparently run out of executive privilege owing to his penchant for speaking whatever is in his head on Twitter. He is in a legal soup like never before. In that world, crime is more or less what you make it. You wonder how far this can go. Can Mueller get Trump on any crime? We shall see.

It is eerie

Trump is the President. This fact is about 27 percent on the reality meter. He has been our daily entertainment-nemesis but he has been dropping off and is becoming boring and repetitive, He has dropped from close to 70 percent in the Trump Show category to under 50. If you do the math you are right, either way, it does not add up. That's Donald.