Does Donald Trump have dementia? Does he have early signs of Alzheimer's? Is he batty? These are common questions that bother followers and animate opponents.

The last few days have provided at least a basis for saying they are not frivolous or necessarily hostile questions. I am hostile to Trump for many reasons which I have stated in hundreds of articles. But this is my first on this subject.

Lawrence O'Donnell

When I had a TV, I liked to stay up to watch Lawrence on MSNBC. I've always liked him. I liked Senator Moynihan and I think Lawrence worked for and with him.

He wrote episodes of West Wing. He does good things for education in Africa. I consider him a person well worthy of envy. Today these feelings amplified.

On Twitter

I am an internet maven and a Twitter person. Today I realized that Lawrence who has a substantial Twitter account actually converses with his followers. That to me is the sign of a true person. So this article is about a conversation following a Lawrence tweet. I invite you to read at least the start of the lengthy back and forth. You can do so by using the embed below as your access point. Here is the initial tweet.

A perfectly logical question.

If the president gets dementia how will we know? An intelligent discussion, in which Lawrence participates, ensues.

Easy Rider

It starts with a positive comment about Lawrence from the actor Peter Fonda and moves swiftly to the subject of the tweet. An articulate screenwriter named Amy Holden Jones initiates a series of interchanges with the following.

The discussion continues with Lawrence chiming in that the 25th Amendment is the relevant document to deal with the inability to serve. The discussion embraces other facets of the Trump problem.

Lawrence hangs in. Nancy Sinatra enters and thanks Lawrence for keeping her informed.

The influx of the Trumpists

There is speculation about Trump taking melatonin and about his orange hue. Then, perhaps alerted, there is an influx of pro-Trump folk whose tweets skewering Lawrence no longer cause the jaw to drop, so predictable are they. The civility vanishes. All told, there are over 8K comments.

If Trump is ill?

If Trump has early dementia or Alzheimer's, his time in office may simply rest on the ticking of the clock. Donald Trump health concerns are not going away. His buddy Howard Stern has broadcast warnings. JFK had debilitating medical problems and might have faced similar problems had he lived.

Most recent presidents, save Reagan, have been blessed with a fair degree of lucidity after leaving office. With Trump, I think it can be said that he is conscious and therefore responsible. If it turns out that he is ill, that will create sympathy as for anyone.

As usual, the drama continues. See this as a scene in today's episode.