At 70-years-old, Donald Trump would be the oldest person elected as President of the United States if he's victorious in November. While Trump and his campaign have been pushing debunked conspiracy theories as alleged fact about Hillary Clinton and her health, new questions are being raised in the other direction.

Questionable health

Ever since he gave his speech at the Republican National Convention last month, Trump has gone from polling within the margin of error against Clinton, to falling behind by nearly double digits. After a recent shake-up brought in a new campaign manager, and chief executive, Trump has focused on the status of Clinton's health.

While no credible source has been cited to back up their claims, recent evidence has left many wondering what shape Trump is really in as pointed out by Vanity Fair, and during an August 23 CNN segment.

In a slideshow of various campaign images, Vanity Fair highlighted how Trump is often forced to lean, or hold on to the podium lecterns. While this might just be a comfortable position for the billionaire real estate mogul, the frequency that Trump relies on the lecterns have left many wondering about his health status.

On CNN Tuesday night, the network's medical correspondent, Sanjay Gupta, expressed doubt about a letter that was allegedly written by Trump's medical physician. In the letter, the doctor said Trump would be the "healthiest ever" president, using terms that are typically part of the GOP nominee's frequent vernacular. "Whether you’re a doctor or not, that degree of hyperbole and these types of words being used is very unusual," Gupta pointed out.

"People don't write like that," he continued, referencing the "healthiest ever" statement.

Gupta also noted another piece of questionable wording, when the doctor said Trump received "positive" results on all of his medical tests.

The usual form of wording in the medical profession when a patient passes his exams is that they are "negative," which promoted Gupta to refer to Trump's medical letter as "absurd."

Election countdown

With rumors circulating about both candidates' health, only one will be heading into the White House next January. The latest round of polling provides positive news for Clinton, as she has now expanded her national lead to over seven points in the Real Clear Politics rolling average. As Clinton pulls further ahead in key swing states and solidifies her stranglehold on the minority vote, whether or not Trump has a heath problem might not matter to the presidency after Election Day in less than three months.