Usually, when a game seven is coming up in a series, all players involved are locked in and focused on that particular game. But it seems that Boston Celtics star Avery Bradley is already jumping to the conclusion that his team will win and move onto the Eastern Conference Finals to face the Cavaliers.

Game seven of the second round series between the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards will be played on the 15th of May at 8 pm ET. This game will be the deciding factor on who the Cleveland Cavaliers will face off against in the Eastern Conference Finals.

It has been a long wait for Cleveland, waiting for their next opponents, after sweeping their first two series' in this years' NBA playoffs. But the Celtics and Wizards players shouldn't be too arrogant about their chances in the next series, as a healthy and well-rested Cavs team will be something scary to watch.

Avery Bradley is already looking past Game 7 vs Wizards

It's rare for a player to be worrying about their next round series while still in the midst of a competitive one, but this is exactly what Avery Bradley is doing. Bradley is stressing that the Boston Celtics should be thinking big at this point. And recently talked about his mindset, stating:

This is a huge statement from the Celtics two-guard, considering that his team has not yet advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals to face LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

His choice of words could come back to bite him as the Cavs and their star players have responded to the critical comments from players and media in a strong way in the past.

We all remember when Klay Thompson questioned LeBron's heart and willpower after game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

Yea... since that time, King James and the Cavaliers have gone 11-0 in playoff games, and LeBron's statistics have been staggering.

Game seven should be a good one

Whether Avery Bradley wants to admit it or not, the next game he should be worrying about is the next one lined up on the Boston Celtics schedule. And that's game seven against the Washington Wizards at the TD Garden.

If the Celtics want to take home the W, they will be looking to slow down the elite backcourt of John Wall and Bradley Beal.

Two guys who made some huge clutch shots in game six allowing the series to go to seven games. It's not going to be an easy task at all for the C's, so if they don't focus and get the job done as expected. We could be seeing a Cavaliers-Wizards matchup in the Eastern Conference Finals, ultimately making Avery Bradley's controversial comments, invalid.