watergate was nothing like Trumpgate. Lots of ink is spilled about parallels but today is very different. Trump is an unfolding threat. The consequences could be disastrous, Nixon by the time of Watergate was played out.

Trump is a destroyer. His partner in crime is Steve Bannon. Nixon would not have dared things Trump is doing in the shadow of national ignorance and apathy. Trump has destruction on his drawing board. It is called an agenda. It's out in the open. It is a gaping maw of cruelty, hurt and harm. The casualty is us. The Constitution is the victim.

Trump's cabinet choices are the executioners.

Too harsh?

Trump makes his intent clear. What he is doing is fine with most of the GOP. Few hands are raised in protest. Trump is gradually transforming local police operations into deportation cadres. Trump is trying to strip vital government services to build a military to fight terrorism. His real purpose which is to ensure that oil keeps flowing.

Health collapse

If the Congressional Budget Office gives the latest Trump health bill a failing grade this coming Wednesday, the chaos involved in messing with Obamacare will rise to new levels. Lives are at stake.

Trump's unconstitutional assault on Muslims continues undiminished. He is moving hostile judges from his path.

In Saudi Arabia, he fanned the flames of Sunni-Shia tribalism. Obama made mistakes. Trump directly advocates war. Crying peace while preparing for war is what hypocritical militarists and strongmen do. Trump maintains the fundamental goals of the neo-cons.

One percent aims

Trump serves the corrupt heart of the one percent, His domestic policy is to maintain a tight lid on the American people.

He diminishes the media via constant attacks. He wants to keep the economy going as it is. Debt. Pollution. Prisons. The whole nine yards. But there is fear in the air. Big Oil is at the center, It is served by the GOP. Big oil is what Trump and this trip are all about.


What can Mueller do? He can show that Russia clearly wanted Trump to win.

Russia knew it was close. Russia knew how to influence elections. Russia's motive was to keep oil income high enough to survive, Hillary was not enthused, but Trump was. It's all out in the open, the military build up. Nothing is hidden.


We are the losers already. We can keep quiet or yell. Either way, we are stuck. Mueller can connect the dots and tell us the truth. But until we have the votes to say no to big oil we will be its victims and our children and grandchildren will face a future no one wants even to imagine.