Senate meeting

The top security advisors to U.S. President Donald Trump held a private conference at the White House. On Wednesday, the meeting took place, where the U.S. President and his administration were briefed on the ongoing tension in the Korean peninsula.

However, while Kim Jong-un continues to stockpile his armada of atomic weaponry, it has become a constant headache for U.S. politicians. The weight is now shifted to Washington for the Republican-led administration to find a suitable solution in response to the latest Scud missile launch from Pyongyang’s military base.

However, after the meeting was over, several Senators said no new information was discussed by the President or top military officials. The North Korean leader has taunted the United States for many years now, but now it seems the Republican President is about to take the bait.

Kim Jong-un flexed his muscles on Tuesday, though his latest missile launch failed miserably when the Scud missile disintegrated after about 25 minutes in the air. The Korean leader was commemorating the 85th anniversary of the Korean People’s Army. However, while the festivities were happening in the North Korean country, one of the U.S.' biggest submarines arrived in South Korean waters.

Tension in the Korean Peninsula

The warship was docked there in a show of force against Kim Jong-un and his military. Amidst the ongoing tension between the United States and the North Korean leader, China asked the United States President to refrain from starting a war with the contentious dictator.

In recent developments, the North Korean regime has detained three United States citizens and continues to taunt Donald Trump with a large display of high caliber weapons.

Perhaps the leader of North Korea is signaling to the U.S. President that his military is ready to take on the United States Armed Forces.

However, in response to Kim Jong-un's latest threat, the U.S. staged joint naval drills with Japan and South Korea. Currently, the USS Carl Vinson is docked off the coast of South Korea. Notably, this warship is one of the most powerful in the United States arsenal.

Ambassadors from the United Nation on Monday visited the White House, where President Trump called on them to impose stiffer sanctions on Pyongyang.