Has Donald Trump gotten religion? Are those of us who devoutly wish him gone about to have a large portion of egg on our faces? Here he is telling Bloomberg he is considering breaking up the banks. And some indications exist that he might do what Bill Clinton certainly did not do, respect the wisdom of the Depression-era Glass-Steagall act. But that is only the lesser part of this deliverance.

Trump meeting with enemies?

Trump is also apparently willing to do what Obama never did. Sit down with the boy who runs North Korea and treat him with some possible respect.

I have in moments of fantasy imagined Trump might try to make a deal with young Kim, maybe build a cybercommunity that would become the envy of the world on the very land that we bombed to smithereens during the as yet unended Korean War.


The words that will soon be heard around the world were issued a few hours ago by Bloomberg: "If it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, I would absolutely, I would be honored to do it under the right circumstances I would meet with him." I am sitting in North Korea watching Kim and noting that no US president has ever said he would be honored to meet him. He knows Trump is crazy. He knows it is no phonier than, say Dennis Rodman. Of course, he will talk to Trump if an arrangement can be made.

Did the world just emit a sigh of relief?


Of course, if Obama had said he would meet thus, the GOP would have one of its hypocritical apoplexies. Republicans can do what Democrats cannot do and everyone is happy. That's how the country works. The problem is always, underlying everything, the GOP and its damnable unwillingness to follow anything like a humane and admirable ethic the rest of the time.

And Trump, their present leader?

Trump perplexes

You cannot imagine Pence even considering Glass-Steagall. He would tremble in fear of Wall Street. The market just trembled a bit. If Trump reinstitutes a serious thing like Glass-Steagall and breaks up banks and can avoid a shutdown, then Kellyanne might be able to cite some actual achievements instead of alternative ones.

A day in the life

This is but one day, an hour, in the life of Donald Trump, the former star of the Apprentice, the accused rapist, the fraudulent operator of a faux university bearing his name, the profane linguist elected by church gentlemen and ladies. Bring on the omelet. For a settlement in Korea and some progress in helping the bubble not to burst, I will take it full face.