Companies are making huge profits and the industry are paying billions of dollars to sway lawmakers in the House and the Senate. It is a broken system that is seeing #sick Americans sliding into worsening debt and despair. And it needs to stop.

America's health and wellbeing should not be a pathway to making money. The Pharmaceutical Industry is sinking the ordinary #American consumer into a deep trouble as the price of ordinary drugs – such as insulin and an EpiPen for allergies – rises steeply in price.

#Members of Congress have drawn up many different options in an effort to fix the problems with the pharmaceutical industry, their intense lobbying and the rising cost of drugs.

Even Trump is not impressed.

Some of the measures proposed by #Congress include addressing minor aspects, such as a across-party-lines bill that would make brand-name drug makers to give samples of their product to generic companies who would then make generic drugs. Another measure allows for the importation of cheaper drugs from overseas.

The biggest player in the whole fiasco is the #brand-name drug industry. It spends huge amounts of money on sweetener campaign contributions, prizes the biggest array of lobbyists and has the largest number of chits with lawmakers.