People's rights across the United States, like journalist Dan Heyman's, are being violated every day. An attack on the press is an attack on America's freedom of expression. If those in power can shut-out the media, then who will prevent them from getting away with much more than putting an innocent man in jail?

Heyman, a journalist from West Virginia, wearing his press pass, followed tom price, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary, through a corridor in the state's capitol building hoping to get an answer to one question.

Would domestic abuse be considered a pre-existing condition under the new health care bill?

Price refused to respond to his question, so Heyman persisted and was arrested for allegedly trying to push his way past security.

Price and Conway were together

The health secretary was with White House advisor, Kellyanne Conway this past Tuesday visiting the Charleston legislature when Heyman was taken into custody after repeatedly calling out the same question hoping to get a response.

Heyman later said at a press conference, after the incident, that he wasn't sure why, but they must have gotten annoyed with him continuing to ask the same question.The journalist who works for Public News Service – a nonprofit news operation – said he was arrested for trying to do his job.

Journalists must provide information to the people

An American professor at the University of Illinois and endowed professor in the Department of Communication, Robert McChesney, believes that in a democratic country healthy journalism provides the opinion of people in power. In doing so, the journalist must give a range of opinions and must take into account the informational needs of all people.

Isn't that exactly what Heyman was trying to do when he questioned the U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary?

People want answers to health care questions

Today, more than ever people are looking for answers to serious questions concerning their healthcare. Appointed by President Donald Trump, Price, like Trump, often take a hands-off stance when dealing with journalists and the media.

Lawrence Messina, from the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, said that Heyman was not just asking questions, he was trying to physically push past security. When Price's office and the White House were contacted to get their side of the story, they did not respond.

Heyman arrested for doing his job

Civil liberties and journalists' rights advocates said Heyman was arrested for trying to do his job which under the U.S. Constitution is protected.

According to the Committee to Protect journalists, 38 journalists were killed for their work in the first nine months of 2016. These murders were committed outside the U.S., but if we continue to allow our government to arrest journalists and protesters, then how will we be able to prevent them from being shot one day?