#big pharma controls the House and the Senate. They spend so much on lobbying each year – up to $80 million each quarter – that it seems that they may as well be in the pockets of the politicians who make the bills.

In elections that took place during 2016, the industry placed more than $58 million toward the election campaigns of various members of Congress and also to the two big presidential candidates, #Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as told to us by the figures researched by the Center for Responsive Politics data shows.

This figure of $58 is the greatest amount the industry has thus spent on lobbying and shows us the industry is serious about trying to Raise prices even more, which will bring outcomes that could point to a public health crisis for America.

In the bid to keep prices lower, there has not been a single proposal that has stood out as a clear front runner: Trump has has accused the industry of “price fixing” in the past and has claimed that the government should be in a position to negotiate drugs that are given by Medicare. But then he has also voiced opinion about keeping regulations low and gave an industry-savvy former congressman, Tom Price, a position as the head of the #Department of Health and Human Services.