Donald Trump’s presidency has so far been tumultuous, to say the least. Most people expected his presidency to be eventful even before he took office, but I don’t think anyone expected this kind of political firestorm. It’s difficult to figure out where to even begin between his controversial cabinet picks, his absolutely outlandish remarks, the childish demeanor he projects, the immigration ban, and the ongoing investigation concerning Trump’s ties to Russia and the amount of influence they had on the recent election. The latter is arguably the biggest stain on his presidency so far.

In fact, a scandal of this magnitude is something most people would agree is certainly worth an impeachment.

With all of this controversy occurring within a mere five months, the question as to whether or not Trump will still be the President of the United States becomes more and more prominent with each passing day.

The Donald

Listen, I am certainly no fan of Hillary Clinton, but the fact that she lost to Trump is nothing short of astounding. Since taking office, Trump has assuredly met most people’s expectations, something that these same people wish weren’t the case.

Even before his inauguration, Trump’s announcements of his cabinet picks were already leaving people horrified. Picks such as Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Secretary of Education, who has a long history of advocacy for charter schools, schools essentially run by private companies, and opposing government oversight which groups like the NAACP strongly oppose since usually low-income children and children of color suffer from lack of oversight.

Not to mention Rick Perry, Trump’s Secretary of Energy, who was the former Governor of Texas and has been known to have strong ties with many big players in the fossil fuel industry.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg, Donald Trump himself has proven to be every bit as childish as he is incompetent. His initiative to cut back on fighting against climate change as well as his open support for the coal and fossil fuel industries has left environmentalists and nations associated with the Paris Agreement in a state of concern.

But of course Trump’s immigration ban on several predominantly Islamic countries has proven to be his most controversial act since taking office in which critics of the ban have accused it of being a prime example of overzealous xenophobic paranoia.

However, it’s Trump’s entire attitude towards being the leader of the free world that leaves both Americans and foreigners terrified. Trump has displayed many cues analogous to dictators as shown by his need to discredit any criticism from the media as “fake news” as well as his compulsive need to lash out against any sort of dissent on social media whether it be from politicians, journalists, comedians, or just outspoken citizens. With his constant reminders to both the media and the world that he is indeed “the boss”, the portrait he is painting is something we should indeed be afraid of.

The Russian Investigation

There has been accusations even before his inauguration that Trump and his campaign team may have collaborated with Russia in order to undermine the election and increase Trump’s chances of winning. As his presidency progressed, more and more evidence surfaced nearly every day confirming the legitimacy of these claims. So much so that multiple congressional committees are investigating this scandal.

But perhaps the most damaging move Trump has made since the start of the Russian investigation was the firing of former FBI director James Comey. The public testimony of Comey before Congress is set to happen sometime shortly after Memorial Day. If Comey’s testimony proves to be as substantial as many predict it to be, it could prove to be the final nail in the coffin of Trump’s presidency.

Don’t be the least bit surprised if by years end, Mike Pence is referred to as the Commander in Chief.