Whilst Trump didn't endorse or withdraw from the Paris accord last week, his indecision seems to be giving the United States more time to get on top of lots of complicated #White House debates and interjections about either staying with or withdrawing from the #landmark Paris climate pact. This, along with the huge Russia issues that is making life in Trump's administration so unbearable for many.

The #White House gave a steely and yet somewhat generic official statement on Saturday that read that the United States is “in the process of reviewing its policies on climate change and on the Paris Agreement" and ended by saying that it couldn't give a clear indication of the outcome yet.

Whilst Trump looks to be driving a hard bargain, his administration may simply be in total disarray following on from bombshell discoveries about his aide's contacts with Russia in both the election and the transition periods. His son in law Jared Kushner has been tipped by the Washington post as having suggested to set up a back channel between #Russia and the USA in December.

Whilst America watches its president take one step closer to #impeachment, many in the political community are watching how this chaos effects and dismantles American foreign policy abroad. Even though last week's foreign trip was seen to be Trump's finest hour in his presidency so far, many are wondering if the trouble he finds back home could undo all his work.