Taking Trump apart is getting boring. He is getting boring. Or tired. Maybe jet lagged. Whatever it is, he is back to his tweeting big time and I have selected the most recent two as evidence that he knows very well he is telling lies.

What the president doesn't know is how long it will take him to become an embarrassment even to his base. This morning tweeter Trump has been suggesting that the Montana victory of the GOP body-slammer has not been covered by the hated media.

Sure, Donald. And that vanilla you ordered is fake Ice Cream.

Get this

Here are the lies in the order of their composition.

A little instruction may help. When fake news is written it is indeed made up. When the Times or the WSJ quotes a source, there is a source. Some media rule that you must name the source to your editor.

Keep proof

In any case, the penalty for not having a real source is the loss of a job and most probably a career. But rather than argue the point, let us cut to the obvious. Trump knows this. Trump knows the leaks are real. He is consciously lying.

There has never been a more media savvy president than DonaldTrump. He knows the tricks of media inside out.

One such trick is that of you cannot find anyone willing to step up and be named you do the next best thing.

When you quote a source you are telling your reader to beware. The source may be reliable. We believe he or she is to be trusted. But the gold standard is to be named. On the record. Trump knows this.

The porous West Wing

The West Wing is filled with people who are petrified of their boss and scared they may be hauled before committees and courts for working with him. It is also filled with those who have manifold reason to talk to reporters on the record with the understanding they will not be named.

The purposes

Donald Trump's tweets serve two purposes.

They are hopefully casting a net to catch his followers. They are also muddying the waters because news media will have to report that he wrote these lies. Most will not call them lies. When you get enough lies, you give up. Trump knows that too. So does the New York Times. Ultimately like crime lying does not pay.

When will Trump learn?

Unfortunately, the answer is when the people tell him. Given his assault of things that keep us safe, time is of the essence. He is said to be preparing to zap 100 Obama safety measures. He is seized with Obama hatred.

It is a race between good and evil, defining evil as the harm done or on the way.