I cut my teeth in Chicago. That was a half century ago. Things are no better there now than they were then. The same can be said of many cities. The reason has always been under our noses. By definition that location is where we cannot see.

We should be able, every last one of us, to choose where and how we Live. The lack of choice is the foundation of injustice.

Cut to the chase

The embedded story below is as new as today's sunrise. It says an avowed racist is insisting on the right to live with people he wants to live with. The fact is he wants to live with white people.

That makes him anathema to the Southern Poverty Law Center. There is a simple way to respond. Insist and make politically possible the power of every individual to choose where they live.

Exodus is a right

Consider this. The only people who do not live where they want to live are those who are excluded from doing so. That is a 'duh' observation. What is the solution? Create a basis for an exodus.

If I am stuck in West Lawndale and no program has worked to help me or my kids and there is a community on a square mile of land somewhere where anyone who wants to can live, I am going to check it out.

Selectivity is also a right

If I live in Evanston and am tired of Northwestern alumni and political correctness I can move to this place.

I can make friends with people I will never meet otherwise.

Without spaces that are open to all, there is no way for anyone to really live where they want. We can think what we want to think of people who like wrestling and contact sports or people who like dolls but that is a privilege of each person.

Third-way thinking

Whenever a choice is an illusion we meet a double bind.

We say we are free when we are not and it creates inner confusion. That is what a double bind is.

We have eight million people working on startups. Is anyone working to create spaces where anyone can live who wants to? Some of the sharing residence spaces are inching that way. Some of the share workplaces are moving in that direction.

But big entrepreneurs prefer Mars. It is sexier.

No. It is easier.

Read this

This story has everything. Trump will get hammered for being a jerk and advocating that his followers throw the bums out. The meat of the story is several paragraphs in. A guy is suing Trump because he wants to get off for smacking someone on Trump's orders.

Choice for all

This guy is a white supremacist. He says people should be free to choose with whom they live. Yes. If everyone has a choice. Startups should make choices possible.

There is much more on this issue. The entire theory behind cybercommunities is aimed at making choice universal.