Donald trump may have less reason to smile tomorrow than today. If about six full-time security folk who have concentrated on Russia are talking in unison about serious breaking news, then he may be packing instead. I do not ordinarily report suppositions or regard a tweet as newsworthy in itself. So I will categorize what follows as opinion. If it turns out to be true it is not secret or even a scoop.

Today we do not have many secrets or scoops. The idea of being first with anything should be put in mothballs. A better selling point is the values that underly anyone's actions and expressions.

Here we go.

Follow the tweets

The Grand Juries refer to ongoing state-based inquiries that I've reported on and are now confirmed from the same source I am using now.

Grand juries

The grand juries looking into Trump and Russia may or may not be the source of information that could sink Trump. But it is entirely plausible that Trump's alarm about them would signal there is something there that he wants nobody to know.

If the above tweet is accurate then "grand juries" will probably be the next key phrase to surface generally in the mainstream media.

The link above is to my article referencing Keith Olbermann who is still as determined as he ever was when he was doing Countdown on MSNBC paving the way for a new generation of commentators. You can catch up with him on YouTube.

The tweets noted above are too numerous to embed in this article.

They can all be found in this summary from Palmer Report.

What if Trump is telling the truth?

The problem with assuming that there is nothing in the Russian business that can get rid of Trump is his record which is public and open. That record is a tissue of lies going back as far as anyone remembers.

Trump lies when it is to his advantage.

If the lies come back to haunt him he changes the story or denies he ever said anything. He is beyond slippery. Most of us have never come close to knowing anyone like him. Truth for Trump has always been survival.

"I am here" may be his only real truth. That is existentially appealing if you are trying to think up a novel. But in a true life president, it is a good reason to get him out of there ASAP.


Trump has already openly lied about Russia. He has had tons of contacts with Russia and they are undeniable despite his claims. The other side that says there is more than one smoking gun. If so we have a new scene. But the good news is that it may be the final act.