Decency may be what can remove Donald Trump from office and put the rest of the GOP on notice that their actions must reflect what leads to being decent. Decency is what happens when a person, any person, puts the needs and concern of others on a precise par with their own. It is not a calculation. It is a quality in a person that indicates the presence of an active conscience, an awareness of things and a sense that right is something universal.

Beyond cynicism

trump needs to be removed from office. How this happens is less important than how it will most likely happen.

It will happen because democracy works. A large majority of Americans knows things are not getting better, Among that majority, yesterday, stood three US Senators. They happen all to be Republicans.

Trump harms

They were voting on a transparently good environmental measure that President Obama had ordered during his tenure, The measure was to protect us from the effects of large concentrations of methane. Trump cynically struck down this and other positive environmental actions in one of his famous and general harmful executive orders.

Pack up and go

We already know enough to send Trump packing. No president is above the law but Trump has said he is. No president should flaunt indecency and demean whole groups, but Trump does.

But try as we might we will get nowhere until there is a crack in the wall of indecency. Fix what happened yesterday in your head and you will have a sense of what decency looks like.

Collins, McCain, and Graham

Susan Collins, John Mc Cain (on his birthday no less) and Lindsay Graham stepped up and were the decisive voices. They joined all the Democrats and said no to what would have been a vicious measure, a rejection of basic environmental sensibility.

But the most delicious part of the story was the actual scene as it played out. The key player was Mike Pence.

We won't be needing you

Pence was standing by as the Senate voted to obliterate Obama's environmental program. He was there in the event of a tie, to assure that any measure opposed by fifty Senators would not be rejected.

You cannot build Trump-Bannon police state without a willing vice president to ensure that even if a few Republicans break from the majority, the president will prevail. The suave-looking gentleman, who wants to see Rowe v Wade and Planned Parenthood gone, had to step aside.


Decency prevailed and it is just this event that tells us that one day we will have a majority for a Special Prosecutor because decency demands it.