Sean Spicer has been MIA recently because he is on Naval reserve duty. In his absence, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been filling in. It is being said that President Trump likes the job Sanders is doing, and she may possibly be chosen to replace Spicer as White House press secretary.

Sean Spicer's difficult position

Sean Spicer was put in a difficult position from the moment he was chosen as press secretary to Donald Trump. From day one, he has had to defend one of the most controversial commanders in chief's in American History. Day after day Spicer had to stand up for decisions made by the POTUS.

He agreed with things the president said that most Americans believed to be fake news.

Spicer was hired to put a spin on things to make his boss look good. No other White House correspondent has had to deal with the issues that come Spicer's way. The press is in his face, hounding him every day of the week, and his boss continues to misuse Twitter and make statements that are outright lies. It's only natural that he would make mistakes, considering the pressure he is under.

The Huckabee Sanders factor

Sarah Huckabee Sanders comes to this position as a fresh face. For some, she is a welcome change from Spicer's anxiety filled rants. She can stand her ground because she has not taken the poundings that Sean has since November.

It may appear to the president and others that she would make a suitable replacement. They would do well to remember that in the beginning, Spicer seemed to be doing a credible job as well.

Should Sean Spicer be in danger of losing his job, he would be able to get out of the scrutiny of the public eye, regroup, and recover from such a high profile, high pressure position.

Sanders, of course, will be the darling of the White House, but only for a season.

President Trump's role

It is being stated that President Trump has voiced that he is pleased with Sander's performance. Should he make her a replacement for his current press secretary, Americans should by now already know the drill. Trump will rave over Sanders and throw Spicer under the bus.

The president will say disparaging things about Sean Spicer, as he has done with Barack Obama, Michael Flynn, James Comey and others. Donald Trump has made a habit of praising people one moment and kicking them to the curb the next. Sanders will only be in favor with the POTUS as long as what she says pleases him. That's just the way it is in this administration.