That the GOP is corrupt is established. So are the Democrats. Any politician who knowingly accepts cash from sources whose actions lead to palpable harm is by definition corrupt. Harm and hurt are the two terms which best describe what evil actually is. It is not scary. It is as Hannah Arendt once suggested banal. The most tangible evidence of this is the two bills to repeal and replace Obamacare that were recently considered by the House of Representatives.

The proof

Both Trumpcare bills were deemed atrocious by the bulk of medical authorities in the nation because of the harm they would do.

The first died of shame. The second was shamefully passed and will die in the Senate. That does not mean the Senate may not pass a bill. Evil is more subtle in the Senate, but hardly absent. These bills are what would cause a few honest souls in the GOP to flip and say no. The last time the GOP said no to trump was when Mitt skewered him as a phony con artist. Mitt told the truth for once and was largely ignored. But now the clear harm of Trump is manifest.

Why is the GOP needed?

Why is a manifestly corrupt group like the GOP needed to get rid of Trump? They may not be the only ones who can legally do the job. State officials may eventually need to do it. But they rule Congress, both houses, and without their consent, or at least without a few GOP desertions to team up with Democrats, we cannot get a special prosecutor to put the final act in motion.

I shall explain now why getting rid of Trump is necessary.

Why must Trump be gone ASAP?

The time factor is key. I believe Trump is closer and closer to a breaking point. He is an olympian creator of wiggle room, but things are closing in. I am talking about the sort of things that a special prosecutor needs to look over to determine if charges are in order.

But the other aspect of this is breaking news, Korea matters are not going away. Despite the ebullience of today's stock market, we are seeing the rise of the future and the simultaneous last gasps of an economy whose elements account for huge sectors of employment. We face a disruption beyond 2007 if this is not handled. Trump has no interest in even facing it.

These ae objective matters that will develop quite apart from Trump's mental state.

Trump is nuts

Trump is a potential nuclear derelict. He could literally do what all previous American presidents have known they could not do. Even a corrupt GOP replacement for Trump could be depended upon not to plunge us into ultimate chaos. With Trump that assurance is nonexistent. We have seen how he goes nuts on Obama. Imagine if he should extrapolate that to everyone being against him. Paranoia and narcissism are lethal bedfellows.