Spoofing a 1990's PBS game show, SNL turned the tables to 'Where in the Wold is Kellyanne Conway?' The gist of the sketch may be lost for some unless one was familiar with the PBS show. Here is the point the three-minute SNL comedy routine wanted to make clear. Kellyanne has not appeared on TV or at other events for about seven weeks, and no one seems to care. In any event, the contestants of the spoof show all agreed we do not want to find the woman.

Kellyanne Conway last appearance was in mid-April

According to Salon.com Conway appeared at a media event in mid-April.

Many acknowledge her appearance was unusual since the President's Senior Advisor has not been a part of the daily news show circuit for a while. It is a bit odd, and some are wondering why as, the fact is that Conway had been a regular feature, often appearing two or three times, every day, on different news venues. Conway, after all, is one of the president's most loyal staff members. She spends her time protecting him and backing him to the bitter end and often at her own expense.

At the event in Apri,l Conway frantically refuted being “the darkness” of the Trump White House. She argued another one of her nonsensical doctrines. It went something like this. "[Just because] somebody says something doesn’t make it true.” To prove her point, Conway referred to another “Saturday Night Live” skit where she was again the brunt of the joke.

Maybe Kellyanne just does not understand the difference between humor and crucial political facts that deserve the serious nature only a trained, competent diplomat can muster.

At another point during her appearance, Conway said objectively, and without a hint of the irony that the comment deserved, “You can turn on the TV and people literally say things that just aren’t true.” Yes Kelly, and you are known for that.

Many may have considered just that very idea, according to the waves of laughter that filled the room in response to the now odd comment. Nonetheless, Kelly delivered her statement in a factual, matter of fact way leading many to believe that Conway may not get what it means to be straightforward, honest, and have respect for the intelligence of her audience.

Who cares?

In any event, some say her enthusiastic support often caused her to make drastic blunders. Her gaffes made both her, the president and even his family look foolish. Could this be why Conway has been sidelined? We can only wonder - or maybe not, seeing that according to Saturday Night Live, 'who cares?'