Steve Bannon is the author of almost everything Trump has done, not because Trump is his tool. The fact seems to be that both men think alike and that Bannon is a good advisor. If your aim is disruption and you do not care for democracy and you favor the white race, Bannon and Trump are your boys. The only thing Trump does not like is when Bannon is seen as ruling him. That bit of umbrage is probably the source e of the Talking Points Memo piece that surfaced mid-afternoon Sunday. It is noted in the tweet below.

You decide

To read the Talking Points Memo piece you would assume that Trump had an animus against Bannon.

If that is true it must be very recent because after the media went mad anticipating Bannon's removal when everyone was praying Trump would soften his nativism and forget his destructive urges, Bannon stayed on. Bannon is closer to the Trump family than to the expendable class in the West Wing. But you read the piece and decide if the story did not happen as I shall suggest.

Trump was hell bent, not reflective

The Talking Points Memo says that sources indicate that Bannon most likely thought it would be smart for Trump to delay the decision. That is plausible because the two men, Trump and Bannon, are about destroying the US, not themselves.

Perhaps it amounts to the same thing. But the notion that this might be more than a disagreement about timing is not well-founded.

Trump could destroy us with no help

If Donald Trump wants to prove that he can rule with no help at all, he manages to do that practically every time he addresses his base. He is at pains to suggest that he is the captain of his listing ship.

But Trump has Steve Bannon around because he values allies and Steve Bannon is nothing other than a man who will bolster Trump's fragile ego and reassure him that as he destroys he does the will of whatever deity Bannon is serving.

There are others

There are others in the West Wing who have the same hatred for outsiders that Trump has.

There are others who can foment damage with the same zeal. One of these may one day take the place of Steve Bannon. But nothing suggests that Trump will change. There is something underneath. It may go back to when he and his father Fred were being accused of racism, correctly, in the early 1950s. It was certainly present in the Obama vendetta that began with the big birther lie and continues until now.

There is only one objective

The Trump-Bannon objective remains the same. Save America for us, and we know who "us" is. And we know who "they" are. And the base agrees with us. So if you don't agree, then watch your back. We will win.